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Our Services & Facilities >> Massage

When you need to re-balance and rejuvenate your body in between daily routines, La Niche Spa is the perfect answer for a time and resource saving relaxation. A therapeutic health massage well suited to urban lifestyle, La Niche Spa provides professional massage to restore and enhance natural beauty from the inside Tune your body, mind and spirit Let yourself go get pampered and freshened. Indulge yourself in the relaxation and simplicity of La Niche Spa. Experience the true pleasure of cozy stylish ambience, clean and hygienic environment; unique tasteful decoration.

Spa Operation Hours: Massage service is available From 10.00 am to 10.00 pm.

Special Consideration before getting spa service: Guests who are pregnant, have high blood pressure or heart conditions are advised to consult your product with your doctor before participating in spa treatment and using the spa facilities.

Valuables Belonging: We requested that Jewelry are not to be worn during visits to the spa room and suggest that all valuables to be left in the safe deposit box in your room, spa is not responsible for the safety of money and valuable of any kinds brought into spa premises.

Smoking & Alcohol Consumption Smoking and alcohol consumption within the spa is strictly prohibited. Alcohol consumption is not advised before any spa treatments.
Massage Services Massage Services
Massage Services Massage Services

Foot and Body Massage

- Foot Massage : US$12.00 for 60 minute & US$15.00 for 90 minute

The Therapist works to improve circulation, ease pain and relax your body

- Neck Back and Shoulder Massage : US$16.00 for 60 minute

More concentration on back and shoulder  from your working hour

Oil Massage : US$20.00 for 60 minute & US$25.00 for 90 minute

Aromatherapy improves blood circulation, muscle relaxation, tension, mind and soul which you can choose your selection oil.

- Eucalyptus cool down your body - Lavender malt a way your stressful ( cough and cold ) - Ginger join your painful after your temple day

- Lemongrass refreshing your stressful

Khmer Traditional Massage : US$18.00 for 60 minute & US$22.00 for 90.00 minute

The technique performs without oil and acupressure, release of tension circulation, stretching of muscle and connective tissue, free up energy blockages.

Body Treatment

- La Niche Tamarind Scup : US$18.00 for 40 minute

Our homemade tamarind which refreshing your body function as gentle exfoliation to smooth, followed by hydrating treatment to revitalize your skin.

- Yellow Ginger Scup : US$18.00 for 40 minute

Yellow ginger is species roof  and makes your skin look yellow after scup. You will feel like your whole firm skin.

- La Niche Body Wrap : US$18.00 for 40 minute

Aloe Vera has been known to assist in the damage skin by the sun. This relaxing wrap contains the anti-oxidant benefits from cucumber and aloe Vera which makes perfect accompaniment to any sun.

Facial Treatment:

- Aromatherapy Facial: US$20.00 for 45 minute

Deep cleansing hydrating, moisturizing, facial massage and cucumber mask designed to purify  and promote beautifully radiant face.

- Tropical Facial: US$22.00 for 45 minute

Removing dead skin cells helps promoting cell grow. Mango mask is associated with longevity and preserving youthfulness, it works as a natural moisturizer and encourages the growth of new skin.

More Choices

Make your own package: US$36.00 for 120 minute ( selecting your experience )

- 60 minute : free pick up massage, - 45 minute : select your special of facial or body treatment  and - 15 minute : head massage

We package 180 minute at US$50.00

- 45 minute : body treatment scrap or wrap, - 45 minute : full body massage (oil or without oil), - 80 minute : facial treatment and - 10 minute : body lotion and head massage.


- bikini at US$15.00,

- Under arm at US$10.00,

- Half leg at US$15.00

- Full leg at US$25.00


- Manicure at US$7.00

- Pedicure at US$8.00

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